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Top 10 Post-Pandemic Tech Trends

by OurCrowd OurCrowd presented its top ten post-pandemic tech trends on July 13, 2021, broadcasting them live to an audience around the world. With so many changes and challenges during the last year of the pandemic, from shortages of consumer goods to moving life online, the tech industry has been more important than ever in providing creative solutions. It has also been a record-breaking year for venture capital investing, and overall growth in the tech industry. The online event was based on a popular session of the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit held annually in Jerusalem and which was canceled this year due to the pandemic. “It’s extremely important this year given the unprecedented growth of the tech investment scene driven by the unbelievable digital transformation that has affected all of our lives,” said Jon Medved, the founder and CEO of OurCrowd, as he opened the event. “There is no better time to analyze what the tech trends are for the smart investor, and where the technology market is moving.” Many of the ideas and solutions that emerged during the...

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Newsletter: NASA helps farmers + Quantum takes off

Startup of the Week: Shield Backing Israel’s $375M bet on quantum Space: The new frontier for improved crop harvest SaNOtize anti-Covid spray starts production in Israel Ravin raises $15M and partners with KAR Global BlueGreen steps up to save South Africa’s drinking water InSightec in clinical trial for brain cancer therapy Innoviz brings auto giants closer to self-driving cars Startup of the Week: Shield: Vital RegTech for financial institutions Banks worldwide paid more than $15B in fines in 2020 for breaching financial regulations. “But these regulatory fines – they’re an enormous driver for banks,” Ellison Anne Williams, CEO and founder of Enveil, tells FinTech Futures. “The reputational damage that can come from a fine is significant. In some cases, it can wipe out shareholder value,” says Rachel Woolley, global director of Financial Crime at Fenergo. One of those fines was an enormous $4.5M demand issued to Citigroup by a US regulator related to the deletion of 2.77 million audio files that included trader conversation recordings. The new frontier in regulatory compliance is monitoring employee communications, which remains an unsolved problem...

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Newsletter: Covid-killing spray proven in UK trials

Israeli 3D video startup puts your TikTok on steroids SaNOtize spray kills Covid in UK clinical trials NTT invests $15M in OurCrowd startups It takes a global village to raise a startup OurCrowd grows in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Israeli 3D video startup puts your TikTok on steroids DreaMed, Yale team up on AI diabetes monitoring NanoLock & Nozomi deploy new IoT cybersecurity tech Spectrum Health integrates Tytocare’s remote monitoring Introductions 1,000 high-tech job vacancies Startup of the Week:Israeli 3D video startup puts your TikTok on steroids “You can really use this anywhere, to create any 3D content,” says Gilad Talmon, CEO of TetaVi, which uses computer vision and deep-learning technology to produce 3D hologram videos with a fraction of the equipment usually required. The company is working on technology that will enable users to produce video game quality 3D material using a single smartphone – a dream come true for the Tik Tok generation. “We bring the same type of quality, but do it with a mobile system,” Talmon tells The Times of Israel. “We use deep learning...

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How the Pandemic is Changing World Healthcare: Dr. Paul Rothman, Johns Hopkins

Hospitals were at maximum capacity for weeks on end due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. While medical professionals gave their full attention to those suffering from the epidemic, patients with other health concerns were often sent home from hospitals both for their own safety and to increase available space for COVID-19 patients. Those reliant on routine medical care or in need of other emergency care were left looking for ways to access medical professionals while staying safe. Thanks to telehealth, patients were able to get the medical attention they needed from the safety and comfort of their own home. Telehealth gained momentum quickly. In less than two weeks, Dean of School of Medicine and the CEO of Hopkins Medicine, Dr. Paul Rothman, said Johns Hopkins went “from providing a couple dozen telehealth visits a day before the pandemic to about 5,500 [telehealth visits] every day.” Dr. Rothman spoke about the effects of COVID-19 on world healthcare at the OurCrowd Pandemic Innovation Conference last month.  There are clear benefits to telehealth, namely the increased accessibility to the patient...

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Creating Global Access to Medical Innovation: Ruth Atherton, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

15-million cases and 617,000 deaths. To many, the quick spread and drastic transformation of society at the turn of the coronavirus pandemic was a shock. That’s not to say many didn’t see it coming: WHO published a strategic action plan for pandemic influenza in 2007 and in 2014 Bill Gates, representing the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, presented a TED Talk about his anticipation of both a pandemic and societal lack of preparation for such an international medical crisis.  The Gates Foundation has been making efforts to help mitigate the current crisis by creating global access to medical innovation. We invited Dr. Ruth Atherton, Deputy General Counsel and Director at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to speak at last month’s OurCrowd Pandemic Innovation Conference where she offered insight into what’s been going on and what we can expect.  “The world bank currently estimates that for the first time since 1998, global poverty could actually increase,” said Atherton. “Up to 49-million people may be pushed to extreme poverty, which means living on less than $1.90 a day.” Atherton stated...

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