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In the News: Watch – how Israeli tech stays on top despite politics

Turn up your volume – this week we are sharing videos exploring different themes in Startup Nation success. First, in the Economist, I join other major Israeli players to examine the Israeli ‘entrepreneurial ethos’ and reasons for Israel’s startup drive and scale. Second, in my live CNN interview, I discuss how Israeli tech remains impervious to political instability, plus a look at the tech IPO market and why some go nowhere while the likes of Beyond Meat are rewarded for real growth with sensible business models.  In other news, the “Fresh Start” Northern FoodTech incubator was officially launched by Finistere Ventures, OurCrowd, Tnuva and Tempo. We look forward to advancing tech along the entire chain of the food and beverage industry. Startup Nation and beyond In its third tech deal this year, McDonald’s Buys Israeli-Founded Startup Apprente Inc. to Add Automated Drive-Thru Ordering.  Assuta Ashdod hospital deploys MedAware’s patient safety platform – MedAware’s artificial intelligence-driven solution utilizes big data analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify and prevent medication errors, reducing the risk of adverse drug events, contraindications, and opioid...

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OurCrowd’s Jon Medved featured on CNN: “Tech Investments in 2016”

OurCrowd CEO Jonathan Medved was featured on CNN’s “Quest Means Business,” where he discussed the future of tech investments with the show’s host, Richard Quest. In the interview, Jon discussed the power of the ‘crowd’ and how equity crowdfunding is a game changer, the Startup Nation’s booming tech sector, and OurCrowd’s 2016 Global Investor Summit — where 3,000 investors, entrepreneurs, and industry tech leaders gathered for the biggest investor event Jerusalem has ever seen. View the video below or play it on...

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OurCrowd’s Jon Medved featured on CNN: “The ‘beating tech heart’ of Israel”

On December 9-10th, OurCrowd hosted its inaugural Global Investor Summit, the world’s largest equity crowdfunding conference. On the eve of the event, OurCrowd CEO Jonathan Medved was interviewed by Richard Quest on CNN’s “Quest Means Business.” In the interview, Jon discussed the future of the Israeli economy in the Startup Nation, the country’s innovative technology sector, how Israeli startups create jobs and benefit the entire world, and the upcoming Global Investor Summit — where over 1,000 of our investors and entrepreneurs converged to learn more about OurCrowd’s platform and our unique investment opportunities. View the video below or play it on...

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OurCrowd portfolio company Argo (ReWalk) featured on CNN

OurCrowd’s portfolio company Argo (ReWalk) was featured on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront”. Erin Burnett spoke with a ReWalk customer who shared his story and how the device changed his life. She also interviewed ReWalk inventor Amit Goffer on how the idea for robotic trousers came about. The CNN piece notes that “it is nothing short of amazing” that Argo’s ReWalk exoskeleton enables to walk again. Argo (ReWalk) raised $1,280,000 from OurCrowd investors in June 2013. View the video below or play it on CNN here....

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