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Making every drop count: How AgTech investing yields more than crops

Food scarcity is a real fear. We must produce more food in the next four decades than we have in all of the last 8,000 years of agriculture combined, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Not only that, but this must be done under increasing strains of dwindling land and water resources in addition to challenges posed by climate change and energy needs. This is a great test for mankind, but also a great opportunity for the growing agricultural technology sector. In fact, the twin unprecedented challenges of increasing food supply and reducing resources used for agriculture are the main forces driving innovation and investment in the sector. Opportunities for investment and growth The global agricultural sector itself produces about $120 billion in annual revenues, and farm assets total about $2 trillion, according to recent data, making it one of the biggest components of the world economy. It was not until recently that innovation in this field began attracting the attention of venture capitalists and tech industry investors. A turning point came in 2013 when agrochemical giant Monsanto acquired Climate...

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From File Cabinets to the Cloud: The Evolution of Data Storage Tech

It is quite conventional to say that we are currently living in the information age, a unique period in history characterized by the shift from traditional industry to information-based industries. The term information age is a product of the advances and changes in computer technologies, which allowed for the gathering and almost instantaneous transmission of vast amounts of information widely available worldwide. One problem resulting from these developments is limited storage space, whether physical or digital. As technology advanced, data size increased, creating an endless demand for a place to store the plethora of information. But, where? And at what capacity? A Brief History of Data Storage Skipping past prehistoric and ancient storage ‘solutions’ (cave paintings, engravings on stone tablets), paper was the longest acceptable and primary means of data storage. In the hundreds of years that followed the introduction of paper to the West, not much has changed in terms of data storage devices. The oldest known ‘modern’ form of information recording appeared only 200 years before computers existed – the punch card. Developed in the early 18th...

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Applango, finalist in Israel SaaS startup competition, wins place on Microsoft Accelerator

Applango, a startup providing enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) management solutions, today announced that it was selected as finalist at the 2012 IGT Cloud Summit among 24 other SaaS companies at DLD Tel Aviv. [bra_blockquote align=””]”Applango’s solution is a winner among SaaS offerings since it answers a crucial management need for companies that have adopted SaaS widely,” said Avner Algom, CEO of IGT Cloud. “The judges were pleased to award this honor Applango since it is solving a real-world business problem, and is already achieving traction in the market.”[/bra_blockquote] IT professionals know how easily other employees and departments can subscribe to cloud based apps. That is one reason for the massive growth of SaaS in the enterprise. All these uncoordinated efforts are difficult to track and manage and can often cause inefficiencies throughout the organization, wasting large budgets in subscriptions. Applango provides tools that CIOs and IT leaders need to manage SaaS applications. This way they can track usage, provision users, and monitor spending. Subscription waste is easily stopped and coordination between users is achieved. Companies that benefit...

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