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In the News: Samsung’s latest acquisition – is one of our own

This week we congratulate our portfolio company Corephotonics, which was acquired by Samsung – so proud of David Mendlovic and team! In other news, Intel will invest an unprecedented $11B in an Israel factory, creating around 1,000 jobs. Take a sneak peek at some of the incredible sessions we have lined up at the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, and don’t forget to register. Startup Nation and beyond Check out this piece, Start-ups on High Road to China, which features myself, a leading VC from China, and entrepreneurs across sectors. Working with China and the US “is going to require some fancy footwork”, I recently told Bloomberg. I am ready to dance…read more here. Airobotics adds LiDAR into aerial drones, expanding use case possibilities. Top tech news this week  Consumer Hardware…Eurofins UK and Consumer Physics launch an advanced on-farm feed analysis solution in UK. FinTech…Insurance Company Lemonade Tops $57 Million in Revenue in 2018. Agriculture…Taranis Launches Industry-First Automated Crop Emergence and Stand Count Solution. News from the industry  “Over Valentine’s Day weekend in 2016, a winter storm wiped out most of New England’s peach crop — a development that left Sweetgreen’s supply...

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From Beijing to Jerusalem: Why I chose an internship in Israel

There’s a Chinese saying that goes, “行千里路,胜读万卷书。” (“Traveling a thousand miles trumps reading ten thousand scrolls.”) I’m happy to say I’ve fulfilled the first part of the saying by travelling 7,125 kilometers to Jerusalem, Israel for my internship at OurCrowd. Who am I? My name is Amy Sheng. I’m originally from Beijing, China, but I currently reside in New Haven, Connecticut, where I am a rising sophomore at Yale University. I devoted most of my freshman year to a year-long Humanities program called Directed Studies. I haven’t yet declared a major, but I’m considering a double major in Math & Philosophy and Computer Science. I’ve been a globe-trotter since I was young, moving from China to the US at the tender age of 5, then bouncing up and down the Eastern seaboard each year, returning to China at the age of 10, attending a youth conference in Norway, then making my way back to the States for college. My newest destination? Jerusalem, Israel. Why Israel? To explain how I made my way to Israel’s startup scene, I have to...

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