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In the News: Israeli tech made up 9% of TIME’s 2019 Best Inventions

TIME Magazine gets it: Israeli companies made up 9% of their top 100 leading inventions for 2019; but who’s surprised? Startup Nation’s tech ecosystem makes up for the lack of Israel’s population size with our abundance of brain power, entrepreneurial zeal and hutzpah. Plus, three of the selections are companies we proudly count in OurCrowd’s portfolio… Congrats to Lemonade, TytoCare and Intuition Robotics! Exciting news for Alpha Tau: Following its clinical trial, the company announced the publication of exceptional data from Alpha DaRT, its novel alpha radiotherapy for solid tumors, which achieved a 78.6% complete response rate in management of challenging squamous cell carcinoma tumors. New clinical trials are planned for pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and vulva cancer. Startup Nation and beyond This groundbreaking OurCrowd-backed company is paving the way to save more lives…Zebra Medical gets FDA nod for device that detects water in lungs. One of our newest mobility investments, Cartica, was just described as a ‘leap forward’ for autonomous vehicles. Herman Trend Alert noted that Cartica represents the “next generation of AI mobility solutions” whose “goal...

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In the News: Who are Israel’s frontrunners for a major exit or IPO, according to Globes?

Very excited to open this week with two OurCrowd portfolio companies being headlined as the next big thing: “Despite the slower progress towards self-driving cars, Hailo and Cortica (Cartica) are Israel’s frontrunners for a major exit or IPO, or to become unicorns.” With regard to Hailo, “the term ‘breakthrough’ is not a cliché, but a fact.” Read why here. Additional kudos to automotive visual intelligence platform Cartica AI on the completion of its Series B investment round, which OurCrowd was proud to take part in alongside Continental, Toyota AI Ventures and BMW i Ventures. Further congrats to mobile app analytics startup and portfolio company Neura on its $16 million Series B raise. This Wednesday our team is excited to go up to Israel’s north and celebrate the establishment of the Northern FoodTech Incubator, along with Tnuva, Tempo and Finistere Ventures, as we hold a ribbon cutting ceremony! Join us.  Startup Nation and beyond Norway, we are ready! Norway’s $1 Trillion Fund Looking To Tap Tech Future Through Unlisted Investments. BYND inks deals with Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway, Tim Hortons, Del...

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