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[C2A Security in PR Newswire] Evvo Labs selects C2A Security as its strategic partner for cybersecurity, boosting their portfolio to EV charging companies

JERUSALEM and SINGAPORE, May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — C2A Security, the only DevSecOps Platform for car makers and mobility companies, announced it has been selected by Evvo Labs, a leading IT Security company in Singapore, to expand the availability of the EVSec platform to EV Charging and mobility companies. Evvo Labs will provide C2A Security’s EVSec solution to companies in Singapore, China, Vietnam, and other countries in the APAC region. Read...

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[C2A Security in Forbes] Advanced cars may face greater risk of hacking, cybersecurity experts warn

All that technology stuffed into today’s cars and trucks is making drivers and passengers safer, more comfortable and better entertained. But as infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems become more sophisticated and capable, they’re also becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks that can range from annoyances to disabling vital safety and operational controls. Read...

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