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[OurCrowd in The Jerusalem Post] What are the top 10 post-pandemic tech trends?

Industries and societies around the world have reset their priorities, and a range of new technologies is coming into focus. On Tuesday, July 13, at 7 p.m. Israel time (12:00 PM Eastern time), OurCrowd, the Jerusalem-based investment platform for startups, early-stage companies, and venture funds, will host “Top 10 Post-Pandemic Tech Trends,” an online event that will highlight the key technology trends and developments as the world emerges from the pandemic. Read...

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[BioncHIVE in Nerdist] Box-Picking Robots Now Automating Warehouses

The seemingly simple task of moving boxes around is an integral part of making just about anything happen in the marketplace. Which is why so many tech companies are so interested in building robots that can do just that. Now, the Israeli robotics company BionicHIVE has introduced a new kind of box-mover bot. One that looks like it’ll automate the Y axes of warehouses with ease. Read...

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