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[Bionaut Labs in yahoo! Finance] California start-up sends tiny robots on voyage into brains

Sending miniature robots deep inside the human skull to treat brain disorders has long been the stuff of science fiction — but it could soon become reality, according to a California start-up. Bionaut Labs plans its first clinical trials on humans in just two years for its tiny injectable robots, which can be carefully guided through the brain using magnets. Read more...

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[Bionaut Labs in Labroots] Micro-robots that can deliver drugs to treat brain cancer

Scientists have developed tiny, microscopic robots with the capability to swim through the bloodstream, enter the brain, and deliver therapeutic payloads to brain tumors. Two biotech companies, Bionaut Labs and Candel Therapeutics, recently announced their joint venture to deliver novel drugs to the brain to fight brain cancers. Their plan is to combine Candel’s oncolytic viral drug and Bionaut’s remote controlled microrobots in order to effectively target hard-to-reach brain tumors. Read more...

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[Bionaut Labs in Fierce Pharma] Candel enlists Bionauts for fight against brain cancers, setting stage for delivery of oncolytic viruses using tiny robots

Bionaut Labs and Candel Therapeutics have teamed up for a fantastic voyage. The newly minted partners plan to use Bionaut’s remote-controlled robots to deliver novel oncolytic viral immunotherapies to brain tumors. Los Angeles-based Bionaut broke cover earlier this year, emerging from stealth with $20 million to work on microscale robots capable of getting therapeutic payloads to targeted areas of the brain. The idea is to use magnetic fields to guide the robots, which resemble miniature screws, through the body and to sites in the brain to enable the local delivery of biologics, small molecules or other payloads. Read more...

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