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In the News: All of our magic – summed up in one article

Simply one of the best and most intelligent articles written about OurCrowd in the last six years…How To Let Ordinary Investors Invest In Startups? OurCrowd Has The Answer. And for the fifth year, OurCrowd is proud to be listed in the Top 50 innovators on KPMG’s 2019 Fintech100 list. Did you miss OurCrowd Sync: São Paulo? Watch the 1-minute highlights; this was our first in a series of major global events to bring a taste of the flagship OurCrowd Global Investor Summit to a key region. Apply for your ticket to join us in Jerusalem on February 13th. (OurCrowd investors, partners, and portfolio companies are guaranteed an in-person ticket.) Startup Nation and beyond Congrats to OurCrowd portfolio company Ubimo, acquired by Quotient Technology Inc. Hailo was recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree – we are proud to have this company as part of our portfolio. While many flock to Israel for its renowned Mediterranean menu, it is less famous for its food technology. Yet the country — home to more than 350 agriculture and foodtech companies —...

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Watch: How BioCatch used behavior analysis to protect Royal Bank of Scotland

Numbers can be stolen, signatures forged, and IDs hacked; but an individual’s behavioral biometric motion is unique, consistent and identifiable. The field of behavioral biometrics detects cyberattacks in real-time.  Financial institutions all over the world use BioCatch for behavioral biometrics to protect clients and their assets. In October 2019, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) shared how they used BioCatch to detect a suspicious transaction in its corporate banking unit, as featured in the Wall Street Journal.  “BioCatch’s breakthrough technology has already become an integral part of our fraud and authentication strategy,” stated RBS Chief Administrative Officer, Simon McNamara.  McNamara recently sat with BioCatch’s CEO, Howard Edelstein, and Edelstein explains how his technology addresses current security needs and is working on preventing future threats. Watch the complete interview.   Edelstein explains that the logic behind how security currently works is evolving from deterministic to probabilistic. BioCatch does not identify users through external, forgeable, factors such as ID numbers or passwords, rather BioCatch focuses on a persons’ subtle hand motions, behavior, and over 2,000 nuanced personal actions-purely probabilistic analysis.  BioCatch identifies a...

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A Look at the Cybersecurity Industry: Q&A with BioCatch CEO Eyal Goldwerger

The real challenge that cybersecurity companies and clients face is identifying a problem that can be solved in a narrow way, taking a technology and making a product, deploying it in a way that will be compatible with the ecosystem of the client, and making it actionable in a way that will demonstrate our [skill]. Imagine a sense of security on the internet, where the identity of website users is known and secure based on how fast or slow they swipe their fingers across the touchscreen of a phone or tablet, and how much theirs hands shake. Such a patented cybersecurity system exists, and its name is BioCatch. By deriving a cognitive biometric profile, BioCatch is changing authentication, identifying criminal behavior, and reducing fraud. Today we work with banks in a wide array of use cases and applications. BioCatch’s behavioral biometrics’ value proposition spans the spectrum of fruad detection and user authentication, providing both security and usability. OurCrowd recently interviewed portfolio company BioCatch’s CEO Eyal Goldwerger about the company and cybersecurity sector, discussing how financial institutions worldwide are searching for solutions against the growing threat...

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