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Knight Riders

Ten years ago, cars with built-in Bluetooth, GPS, and parking sensors were the domain of luxury vehicles. Now, even the most affordable economy level car has these features. The next 10 years in auto-tech promise to make the last few decades look like a warm-up. Going Autonomous Self-driving cars have been on our minds for a while and the question of when there will be a fully autonomous car is still debatable. Waymo’s CEO, John Krafcik, said that while self-driving cars are here, he does not know if fully automated cars (what’s usually called a Level 5 autonomous vehicle) that can drive in any condition will ever be here. Other manufacturers like BMW say they could be selling completely self-driving cars by as early as 2021. That said, many cars already feature some level of autonomous capabilities like automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist systems. Tesla’s Autopilot, Nissan ProPILOT Assist, and Audi’s traffic jam assist are already compliant with Levels 2 and 3 of autonomous driving (driver assistance and partial automation). The race for autonomous driving...

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5 Trends in AI Making an Impact

From drones delivering medication to rural clinics to smart sensors helping farmers save water, here are the ways artificial intelligence is effecting positive change in the world Throughout time, depictions of Artificial Intelligence have inspired mixed feelings, driving us to wonder if we truly want intelligent systems in our lives. An evil swarm of robot soldiers set out to destroy humanity (“SKYNET” from Terminator): BAD. A robot that takes care of all of our household needs (“Rosie” from the Jetsons): GOOD. Waking up after getting married only to find out your better half is a robot (“Fembots” from Austin Powers): BAD. A genius sidekick to help your fleet at all times (“Data” from Star Trek): GOOD. The systems we have created in our imagined world showcase our love-hate relationship with the concept of intelligent machines. But what once existed only in fantasies is quickly being catapulted into the vanguard of our very existence — from unprecedented disaster response and major revolutions in agriculture, to drastic increases in the accessibility of healthcare and mobility. Due to the advent of cloud...

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