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Ten years ago, cars with built-in Bluetooth, GPS, and parking sensors were the domain of luxury vehicles. Now, even the most affordable economy level car has these features. The next 10 years in auto-tech promise to make the last few decades look like a warm-up. Going Autonomous Self-driving cars have been on our minds for a while and the question of when there will be a fully autonomous car is still debatable. Waymo’s CEO, John Krafcik, said that while self-driving cars are here, he does not know if fully automated cars (what’s usually called a Level 5 autonomous vehicle) that can drive in any condition will ever be here. Other manufacturers like BMW say they could be selling completely self-driving cars by as early as 2021. That said, many cars already feature some level of autonomous capabilities like automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist systems. Tesla’s Autopilot, Nissan ProPILOT Assist, and Audi’s traffic jam assist are already compliant with Levels 2 and 3 of autonomous driving (driver assistance and partial automation). The race for autonomous driving...

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6 IoT Trends to Watch in 2019

Previously the domain of fairytales and fantasies, the magic of the Internet of Things (IoT) lies in its unprecedented ability to bring the internet and its intelligence to the devices we use every day. While these devices will be talking to the internet, they’ll also be talking to you. They will give you insights about machines in your business and electronics in your home that will revolutionize the way the world operates for generations to come. Think about your own house, where IoT brings previously inanimate household objects to life. while you are driving home from work, your car can communicate with your thermostat, your smart fridge and your smart lights. The thermostat will start pumping heat, the fridge will alert if you are low on milk and the lights will turn on to welcome you back. Connected devices in an industrial environment will enable equipment pieces along an entire production line to communicate with each other, in real time, from the refining process to the packaging of products. Think small sensors on each machine in a factory that...

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With Intel’s $15B Mobileye acquisition, Israel drives the global mobility sector forward

It’s no secret that Israel has been driving the mobility sector forward for years – and this week, Startup Nation has zoomed past another milestone: Intel announced yesterday its $15 billion acquisition of Jerusalem-based Mobileye, a leader in the autonomous driving industry, creating waves across the global mobility scene and making it Israel’s biggest acquisition of all time. But yesterday’s announcement did confirm two things the world may not have known: Israel is actually earning the title of world leader in autonomous driving. Big money is getting behind and moving the big business of autonomous driving. This event has major implications for the entire mobility industry as Intel not only backs but leads the race. More specifically, Israel’s active role as an innovation powerhouse in the mobility space is crystal clear. Intel plans to base its entire autonomous driving operation to Israel, with Mobileye’s CTO and co-founder, Prof. Amnon Shashua, leading the division. According to the Jerusalem Post, Intel felt “…keeping the operations in Israel, at Mobileye’s Jerusalem offices, was critical to Intel when cementing the deal… the larger corporation understands Israeli culture.” Honda, Ford, and other...

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6 trends that will shape the tech industry in 2017

This is a featured post by OurCrowd Partner and Head of Investments Elan Zivotofsky.  Is 2017 just another year to watch for tech innovation? The answer is, of course, yes. But there are specific sectors we are watching more closely as entrepreneurs leverage the power of new computing paradigms and the advent of true artificial intelligence. Reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the year ahead, here are some thoughts about the trends that will shape the technology industry, and by extension, the world in 2017. 1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going mainstream In 2016, you probably heard Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as buzz words. The New York Times recently featured “the great A. I. awakening”. Until recently, the practical uses of AI and ML have been quite specialized and limited, due to the need for large amounts of expensive computing power, storage and large sets of unique data. Now, AI – driven by a unique way of “teaching” computers called Deep Learning – will be much more broadly utilized across a...

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8 Israeli Tech Trends, 8 Crazy Nights 2014: Autonomous Driving (7/8)

As Israel observes Hanukkah – a celebration of the light among the darkness – it’s time to highlight the tech trends creating sparks within the Startup Nation. Note, these trends are based on our deal flow – what our team sees on the ground. Trend 7/8: Autonomous Driving How a trend is born:  Cars are the single most complex consumer product in the world. While the combustion engine and large-scale, production-line manufacturing of the late 19th century helped make cars more ubiquitous, at large we have yet to see how the true power of the Digital Revolution, new fuel and propulsion technologies, innovative business models, new material technologies and advances in safety features will drive innovation forward and help bring about the car of the future. What’s causing the traffic jams of innovation? For one, road traffic accidents are the largest cause of injury-related deaths worldwide according to the World Health Organization. This is reason enough that advancement in the automotive industry can be excruciatingly slow. Think of it this way – the more electronics there are in a car, the easier the car...

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