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[EyeWay Vision in Street Insider] EyeWay Vision Joins New LaSAR Alliance for Augmented Reality Wearable Devices

SAN JOSE, Calif, April 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today EyeWay Vision Ltd., an Israeli company developing a truly immersive wearable augmented reality (AR) platform, announced that it has joined the newly formed LaSAR Alliance (Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality). The LaSAR Alliance is the newest member program of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO), an international federation of leading industry groups and consortia dedicated to the advancement of standardized technologies for the benefit of industry. Read...

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6 trends that will shape the tech industry in 2017

This is a featured post by OurCrowd Partner and Head of Investments Elan Zivotofsky.  Is 2017 just another year to watch for tech innovation? The answer is, of course, yes. But there are specific sectors we are watching more closely as entrepreneurs leverage the power of new computing paradigms and the advent of true artificial intelligence. Reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the year ahead, here are some thoughts about the trends that will shape the technology industry, and by extension, the world in 2017. 1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going mainstream In 2016, you probably heard Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as buzz words. The New York Times recently featured “the great A. I. awakening”. Until recently, the practical uses of AI and ML have been quite specialized and limited, due to the need for large amounts of expensive computing power, storage and large sets of unique data. Now, AI – driven by a unique way of “teaching” computers called Deep Learning – will be much more broadly utilized across a...

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Reality check! Mapping the Israeli VR and AR startup landscape [Infographic]

‘Computer-simulated reality’, ‘immersive media’, whatever you call virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), the artificial multisensory experience its technology offers is only getting better with each passing year. Goldman Sachs estimates that the size of the overall VR, AR market will be anywhere between $23 billion to $183 billion by 2025. (source) For more than a decade, we’ve seen advances in VR and AR tech applied to military training, urban design, video games, and other home entertainment. As VCs and analysts try to asses the maturity of the VR and AR markets in terms of technology, cost, and use, optimists are betting on 2016 being a defining year for the industry. And how is Israel faring in the midst of all this VR-AR innovation? Since 2014, VC investments in VR and AR have amounted to $2.56 billion globally (including the $1.4 billion investment in Magic Leap and excluding the more than $2 billion Oculus deal). Over the same period, we estimate that somewhere around $120-$170 million was invested in Israel in the area of VR and AR. (source) Principals at Carmel Ventures and...

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