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[OurCrowd in Al-Monitor] Israeli startups push crowdfunding as investment in Israel

OurCrowd has invested around $300 million in Israeli technology, making it the biggest investment platform bringing together Jewish investors and Israeli startups. While OurCrowd and other similar platforms are on the whole indifferent to investors’ religion or ethnicity, Jewish communities outside Israel are clearly an important target audience for them. OurCrowd is one of the most active funds in Israel. Founded in 2012, it already has 17,000 investors. A company conference in Jerusalem in February drew a crowd of thousands. The platform has already invested in about 100 Israeli startups. Read more on Al-Monitor here....

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[BioCatch in FindBiometrics] How behavioral biometrics can fight new account fraud

One relatively new and effective solution to this issue is, of course, behavioral biometrics, BioCatch’s specialty. Broadly speaking, such technology assesses patterns in online user behavior, and sometimes even how users interact with their devices, in order to identity those that seem suspicious. BioCatch highlights the examples of “Application Fluency” and “Navigational Fluency”, with hackers often interacting with web forms in unusually – and sometimes artificially – fast ways, as well as “Data Fluency”, with hackers taking a bit longer to enter personal details that legitimate users can easily recite from memory. Read more on FindBiometrics...

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[Argus in PYMNTS] Argus Cyber Security hacks car using dongle device

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Argus Cyber Security is well known in the automotive industry, and last week it prompted a signal to disable the fuel pump, something the paper said typically would only happen after a car crashes. Argus didn’t reveal what car it was able to hack, saying most cars have the diagnostic port designed for the device known as the dongle. Read more on PYMNTS...

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[Social Bicycles in TechCrunch] A new on-demand battle is speeding toward the US, and VCs are seeing dollar signs

O’Sullivan has been watching dockless bike sharing as closely as anyone. Like a growing number of VCs, he has a horse in this race: New York-based Social Bicycles, or SoBi, which says it was first in producing a dockless bike that features a trackable GPS system and an integrated lock that allows it to be parked at any bike rack in a city. Read more on TechCrunch...

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