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[Arbe Robotics in CTech] 4D radar developer Arbe Robotics headed to Nasdaq via SPAC merger

The Israeli autotech industry chalked up another significant merger with an American SPAC on Thursday with the announcement that Arbe Robotics Ltd. is set to join forces with Nasdaq-listed Industrial Tech Acquisitions, Inc. (ITAC) The combined company, valued at $723 million, will operate under the “Arbe Robotics Ltd.” name and the “ARBE” ticker symbol. Read more...

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[Arbe Robotics in DesignNews] Automating the Last Mile With a Delivery Robot

Consumers and businesses alike are expecting goods to be delivered quickly. The movement of parcels from the production facility to the local hub is extensively automated. That last mile of the destination is a gap of inefficiency. Add to this the similar need of moving meals from the restaurant to the consumer. This need to automate this last stretch is prompting the development of automated delivery technologies. Read more...

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