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[Arbe Robotics in EverythingRF] Arbe adds radar based free space mapping to its automotive radar solution

Arbe Robotics, a global provider of next-generation Imaging Radar solutions, has Free Space Mapping to its revolutionary Perception Imaging Radar. This was demonstrated at CES 2022. Arbe has radically enhanced its solution with an algorithm that identifies the drivable sections in the environment surrounding the vehicle while aggregating a map of the environment and localizing the vehicle within this map. Read more...

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[Arbe Robotics in Autobala] Improve the visibility of self-driving cars

For highly automated vehicles, it is important to see what is in front of and around the vehicle. But if you look at the empty space, you can literally fill in the blanks to get a more complete picture. Arbe Robotics Ltd., a leader in advanced driver assistance systems and 4D imaging radar systems for autonomous driving, will highlight free space mapping, a key improvement in perceptual programming and sensors. Read more...

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