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The Midas Touch: Investing in the future of gesture-based technology

View from the Mountain The physical and digital worlds are converging. The process has occurred over time, caused by the advent of sensors that turn physical events into digital data. The next iteration of convergence is here, and is set to explode onto the market: gesture-based technologies, which interpret and react to human movement. Gesture-tech has taken time to gain mainstream momentum. In 2010, The New York Times summed its history up nicely—it is “one of the most significant changes to human-device interfaces since the mouse appeared next to computers in the early 1980s, but no significant products have gotten much traction.” The lull is now over. The Explosion Gesture-tech’s applications are only limited by imagination. It can be applied to sign language, so the deaf can transcribe their movements into text. It has been applied in rehabilitative medicine, to dictate diagnostic robots interaction with patients. The entertainment industry also stands to benefit. Increasingly complex and realistic video games have been able to leverage the technology to build increasingly human movement in the models and refine artificial intelligence. Gesture-tech can even interpret and respond...

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Reverse Aliyah: Time is right for Israeli CEOs

Huge companies have development and research centers in Israel. These centers are very strategic and have Israeli leadership running them . Microsoft has an R&D center in Hertziliya Intel has and R&D center in Haifa Apple is planning on opening a center in Israel Google has R&D centers in Tel Aviv and Haifa. Although these R&D centers have Israeli leadership and have a huge impact on the performance of the company, we have yet to see anyone from these companies take a CEO position. [<a href=”//storify.com/OurCrowdIsrael/reverse-aliyah-time-is-right-for-israeli-ceos” target=”_blank”>View the story “Reverse Aliyah: Time is right for Israeli CEOs” on Storify</a>]<br /> <h1>Reverse Aliyah: Time is right for Israeli CEOs</h1> <h2>Will an Israeli replace Intel’s Paul Otellini as the chip firm’s new CEO?</h2> <p>Storified by OurCrowd Israel &middot; Wed, Nov 21 2012 03:59:10</p> <div> <p>Huge companies have development and research centers in Israel. These centers are very strategic and have Israeli leadership running them</p> <p>.&nbsp;</p> <p>Microsoft has an <a href=”http://www.microsoft.com/israel/rnd/” class=””>R&amp;D center in Hertziliya</a>Intel has and <a href=”https://blog.ourcrowd.com/index.php/2012/11/19/does-conflict-halt-israels-growth/” class=””>R&amp;D center in Haifa</a>Apple is planning on opening a <a href=”http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/150728″ class=””>center in...

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