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Save the Date: OurCrowd’s Global Investor Summit, February 2017

We are delighted to announce our 3rd annual Global Investor Summit, scheduled for February 15-16th, 2017, in Jerusalem! The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit is one of the leading events in the Israeli high-tech industry. Over the last two years, the Summit has brought together thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, venture and corporate partners, global delegations and members of the press from all over the world who gather in Jerusalem, the capital of the Startup Nation, to celebrate our collective drive for innovation. This has become the largest investor event in the history of the city. Get a taste of OurCrowd’s innovative startups, meet fellow investors, hear from industry leaders and join us in building the future of the high-tech industry! For further details about the event and to reserve your seat, apply at summit2017.ourcrowd.com or email summit@ourcrowd.com. OurCrowd accredited investor? You’re guaranteed a seat! RSVP now. Please mark your calendars and join us for the 2017 Summit. We look forward to seeing you in...

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Featuring the Future: Video playlist from the 2016 Global Investor Summit

In case you somehow missed it, three weeks ago OurCrowd hosted the 2016 Global Investor Summit, Israel’s largest gathering of top tech innovators, startups, angel investors, VCs, and other industry leaders in Jerusalem. Thousands of attendees poured in from 50 countries to meet with 100 global venture and corporate partners, learn about our startup portfolio, and hear from our selection of top panelists and speakers. Were you missing from the crowd of attendees? Or are you nostalgic for all the great conversations on stage about future tech? Fear not! Watch the sessions and panels below on the video playlist, or on OurCrowd’s YouTube channel. The playlist is being updated, so stay tuned for even more video. Watch scenes from the 2016 Global Investor Summit: Rundown of the Playlist: The Future, presented by OurCrowd: Watch samples of the global startups that are building the tech that will power our future. The State of Startup Investing: Welcome to the 2016 Global Investor Summit! OurCrowd Founder & CEO Jon Medved kicked off the day with encouraging words about where the world of startup investing is headed. Honda Accelerator presents…: Video from Honda...

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But it’s not over! Highlights, photos, video, and more from OurCrowd’s 2016 Global Investor Summit

Wow. This has been an incredible week. Thank you for joining us – through rain, wind and even snow – for the biggest investor event Jerusalem has ever seen. Together, we broke records: 3,000 people from 50 countries were a part of making this momentous event happen. Jerusalem hosted 100 global venture and corporate partners. At the first-ever Crowdbuilding Hackathon, 460 connections were made for 25 startups. Missed a session? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for alerts as we add recordings of the plenary and panel sessions. Tag yourself: Chances are you made it to the Summit photo album on Facebook! Look who’s talking: Check out the press coverage. Will we be in your city soon? Find your city on our Events Calendar. Summit attendees poured in from around the globe, check out the world map with all the participants’ locations by country: Together, we have made this a truly special event celebrating the Rise of the Global Crowd, and the Future of Investing. Thank you for being a part it. Let’s meet again soon. The OurCrowd Summit...

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The Democratization of Investing: OurCrowd’s 2015 Year In Review [Infographic]

In 2015, OurCrowd achieved groundbreaking figures investing in Israeli and global startups. OurCrowd has effectively disrupted and democratized the venture-capital space, offering accredited investors the chance to partake in the lucrative industry. As we continue to build on the strong foundation we set down just three years ago, OurCrowd managed to shatter (even its own) records and rise even higher as a leader on the equity crowdfunding scene, setting the bar high for other investment crowdfunding platforms. OurCrowd stands at the forefront of the key trends revealed in the report. This year we have surpassed raising $200M for 91 startups making us the single largest investor in the Israeli tech ecosystem. We are driving the democratization of venture capital, opening the door to tens of thousands of accredited investors who want  a shot at the enormous riches now coming from investing in private companies, and bringing the hotbed of Israeli and global innovation and entrepreneurial activity to our investors through the power of the crowd.” ~ Jon Medved, OurCrowd Founder & CEO To capture the scope of these amazing achievements, OurCrowd created...

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Voices of the industry: Speakers announced for Global Investor Summit 2016

In just under two weeks, OurCrowd will host its 2016 Global Investor Summit, Israel’s largest gathering of top tech innovators, startups, angel investors, VCs, and other industry leaders in Jerusalem. The conference will open on January 25th with welcoming words by OurCrowd Founder and CEO Jon Medved, as well as special guests from around the world of innovation. Watch how Honda, Samsung, GE and others, along with global startups, are gearing up the technology that will bring you the future of mobile, the future car, the future of healthcare, the future… world. Throughout the day attendees will hear from a selection of tech leaders, entrepreneurs, VCs and more across panels, keynotes and more intimate meetings. The list of newly-announced speakers includes: Noaki “Nick” Sugimoto Senior Program Director, Honda Silicon Valley Lab Nick Sugimoto is the Senior Program Director of Honda Silicon Valley Lab (www.hondasvl.com), the open innovation lab of global Honda R&D based in Mountain View, California. Nick oversees Honda’s advanced information technology R&D in Silicon Valley, as well as, strategic partnership globally.  Previously, Nick led the corporate venture capital program at Honda...

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