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Advocate marketing anytime, anywhere: Q&A with Influitive CEO and founder Mark Organ

On an exploration of what makes advocate communities tick, we recently hosted an AMA (ask me anything) session with Mark Organ, CEO and founder of Influitive, a leading, B2B marketing software that allows companies to mobilize their customers into brand advocates. Influitive is a company that we know well. We’re not just investors, we’re also paying customers. OurCrowd has been using Influitive internally for the past few months to power employee advocacy and our investor community, Catalyst. OurCrowd’s investors and employees had the chance to ask Mark questions about his revolutionary advocate marketing platform, and the nascent advocate marketing industry in general. Advocacy Marketing Q&A with Mark Organ Zack: Where did the idea for Influitive come from? Mark: The idea for Influitive resulted from my experiences running Eloqua. We learned that advocacy was key to an efficient buying process and that referrals were 10xmore valuable than ordinary leads. But our initiatives to increase advocacy were not effective in generating a step increase in referrals, references and customer stories. Until one day when we created an awards ceremony and then we got...

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All your questions, answered: 8 things to know about the medical cannabis industry [AMA with Dr. Morris Laster]

Medical cannabis is the next frontier of medtech investing, forecasted to become a $35 billion industry by 2020. How are the challenges of this industry being resolved? Your questions, answered: OurCrowd presents our first investor AMA (“ask me anything”) with medtech advisor, Venture Partner and 25-year industry veteran Dr. Morris Laster. Below, Dr. Laster addresses medical cannabis, providing answers and insight into the industry as well as the medtech advances made by Syqe Medical, developers of the world’s first meter-dosed botanical inhaler and OurCrowd’s current investment opportunity. Missed the live AMA? Have more queries about the medical cannabis industry? Don’t let your questions go unanswered!  Leave a comment below and we’ll answer them! —————- About Dr. Laster Dr. Laster is a physician with over 25 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry and with expertise in identification, development and management of advanced biomedical drugs and technologies. Dr. Laster is the Venture Partner responsible for Medtech investments at OurCrowd; he has founded and/or managed six companies that have gone public in the US, UK and Israel. He invented a novel device to access the circulatory system through the bone...

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