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In the News: The sector that nearly tripled investments over 5 years 📈

Parabéns! We reached a new milestone in São Paulo, Brazil, this month at our first ever OurCrowd Sync Conference, our biggest event outside of the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit. The event was maxed out and saw major players from the Latam tech ecosystem interacting face-to-face with industry leaders and decision-makers from the region and beyond. We also announced the launch of OurCrowd’s office in São Paulo, which we believe to be a key region for innovation. Look out for additional Sync conferences coming to your region soon! Did you know? In Israel, foodtech investment nearly tripled over five years. What’s fueling the foreign appetite for Israeli foodtech? See it here, and check out some of the alternative protein tech shown at the FoodTechIL event. As I’ve said, I think foodtech is going to become one of the most active areas of innovation – it has to be, because the world’s food supply, and everyone’s health, depends on it. Startup Nation and beyond Congrats to Karim Toubba and the Kenna team on the important Series D funding round…OurCrowd is proud...

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Sharing is Caring: From Ownership to Collaborative Consumption in a Sharing Economy

Airbnb and Uber may have become household terms, but they are far from being the only successful players in the sharing economy, also known as the gig economy, the peer economy and collaborative consumption – terms that refer to technology companies that enable individuals to rent out their under-used assets or skills. Companies like Chegg (homework help), WeWork (office sharing), Lyft (ride sharing), TaskRabbit (household errands), SoBi (bike sharing), Prosper (peer-to-peer lending), Boatbound (boat sharing), Zipcar (car sharing) and Etsy (a handmade marketplace) – as well as “Golden Oldie” eBay – are just some of the noteworthy names in the sharing space. The sharing economy has developed to cover a wide variety of core verticals, the primary ones being transportation, real estate, goods, and money, but that also has seen interesting developments in areas like utilities, health, food, and the corporate arena. But what makes the sharing economy significant, and why is it growing so fast? Part of the answer is that it brings together strangers by mobilizing technology, markets, and crowdsourcing capabilities, which creates a novel way of doing...

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