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[Taranis in CleanTechnica] Israel Is A Hotbed Of Sustainable & Innovative AgriTech

The farm’s team can then track infestation levels, trends, and action thresholds and even decide on more localized sprays. The technology is particularly interesting because of its multifunctional uses, imputing from a variety of measures from rain levels to visual mapping, and the ease in which multiple people from all stages of the growing process can access precious data, creating cost reduction and increased productivity. Other investors in the product include Salesforce’s Marc Benioff. Read more on CleanTechnica...

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[EdenShield in CleanTechnica] Israel Is A Hotbed Of Sustainable & Innovative AgriTech

Exploring the unique characteristics of desert plants, EdenShield has studied and applied the beneficial extracts found in them to develop a family of natural, nontoxic products. The products can protect crops against damage from insects. Agritech is looking for more natural solutions for farmers as crop damage is costly, and conscious consumers are turning away from synthetic solutions. Other VCs are interested in this technology, with backers such as Trendlines Group also investing alongside OurCrowd. Read more on CleanTechnica...

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“Radicle” innovation: Announcing the launch of a new AgTech accelerator fund

OurCrowd is excited to announce the launch of Radicle, an accelerator fund dedicated to growing early stage agricultural technology startups into proven industry leaders. The fund aims to solve global farming problems and reduce the time to develop, market, and commercialize new agriculture technologies. The $15 million fund is launched in partnership with Finistere Ventures, Cloud Break Advisors, and an alliance of top agricultural industry leaders, including Bayer and DuPont. “We are excited to work with our partners at Radicle to discover, invest, and grow the next wave of AgTech innovation from Israel and around the world and bring to market solutions that address the greatest challenges that will face farmers over the next half century and beyond.” — David Stark, General Partner at OurCrowd It was quite natural for OurCrowd to partner with the Radicle consortium in light of our history and experience with investing in and growing Israeli agricultural companies, such as our portfolio companies EdenShield and CropX. OurCrowd will work closely with our Radicle partners to continue originating investment opportunities in Israel, sourcing high quality startups with strong growth potential. Check out some of the press...

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