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Get your copy: The smart investor’s guide to AdTech

Although we are exposed to them every day, digital advertisements are often taken for granted. Whether it’s a video on Facebook, a pop-up in a mobile app, or an informational banner on the screen in the back of a cab, we are constantly being targeted by relevant (or not so relevant) attempts to capture our attention and mind share. The underlying marketing tools and infrastructure technologies that power today’s hyper-specific user targeting fall under the broad umbrella of AdTech. Recent advances in bandwidth, mobile computing, networking, and cloud services have enabled the development of a thriving digital advertising ecosystem. On two ends of the spectrum are publishers who have ad space to sell, and advertisers who demand space to place ads. In between, a variety of infrastructure services have been developed, which automate the process of placing and optimizing this content in real-time, for the most appropriate viewers, via a series of exchanges and programmatic platforms. The fragmented nature of the industry, and the range of products and services which can be categorized as “AdTech”, has made investing in...

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Putting the ‘ad’ in venture: Why investors are excited about the AdTech market

Have you ever been surprised to see an ad appear on your computer screen with exactly what you were looking for? Sometimes, it seems like the Internet can read our minds. It turns out that with the growing adtech industry, it can. Adtech platforms work to connect advertisers and consumers efficiently, by using sophisticated analytics to enable targeted advertising. The growing global adtech market is currently worth approximately $142 billion, with some estimates putting it at over $200 billion by 2018. Nearly 70% of these revenues come from mobile advertisement, which brings in about $100 million annually, according to emarketer. As the digital advertising industry expands, with revenues growing at 11% annually, it continues to make gains on the market share of traditional media outlets. But, what is adtech? When advertisers seek to place ads, they face the dual challenge of identifying their target audience and figuring out where to spend their money searching for it. Adtech companies solve these problems in one, by providing a means for advertisers to target the right people and know exactly where to...

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It all ‘ads’ up to innovation: Investing in the future of Israeli digital marketing

This guest post was written by Levi Shapiro, the Managing Partner at the JIMMI Fund, a corporate venture investment fund, and concurrently Partner at TMT Strategic Advisors. He is also the organizer of Marketing & Ad:Tech Israel, Israel’s largest conference for digital advertising. .  Last year, the VC industry partied like it was 1999.  New data from research firm Pitchbook makes it official: valuations are at an all-time high. Some of the frenzy is driven by Wall Street. The bull market will celebrate its 5th anniversary in March (NASDAQ grew 38.3% last year, more than any other major index), and the IPO market is booming. 222 firms held initial public offerings last year, raising $55 Billion, the most since 406 companies went public for $97 million in 2000. Now the cost of entry to the Party is rising.  Across all investment stages, median pre-money valuations last year rose dramatically.  Seed-stage deals now require $5.1 million; Series A rounds reached $9.4 million; Series C rounds soared 23% to $62.6 million;  Series D and later rounds are now a lofty $105.2 million. The bubble came to Israel...

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