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In the News: Here’s what we’re watching and reading this week

Did you watch it live? Last week’s OurCrowd Pandemic Innovation Conference brought together thousands of top investors, entrepreneurs, VCs, corporate executives, and government officials from over 90 countries to hear from experts and discuss how pandemic innovation will guide us to a better future. Watch what you missed from industry leaders presenting healthcare and investment insights, as well as recorded breakouts with startup CEOs and topic experts. What comes next? At the conference we discussed the top 10 tech trends affecting society in light of the pandemic. See our predictions for what the future brings, and read further coverage on the trends in Forbes and ISRAEL21c. Read more about pandemic investment and conference takeaways in NoCamels’ coverage of the event.  On a similar note, I believe that tech startups are battling today’s biggest global challenges – and behind many of the world’s leading companies are their investors, supporting their leadership and innovation on the frontlines. Subscribe here to my new LinkedIn newsletter, “Investors on the Frontlines”, and catch up on the first article: Investing in the New Normal. Top...

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Four Best Practices for Companies During a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived unannounced in late 2019, disrupting lives and businesses in ways that were previously unimaginable. It could get a lot worse before it gets better, but the world has not ended. Steering a company through the uncertainty of this crisis is daunting, but here are four tips OurCrowd shared with its portfolio to help chart the right course. 1. Don’t fight the wave, ride it  In times of crisis, companies need to be very agile and maintain the ability to adjust quickly to new realities. “Remain relevant” is the mantra of the hour, and that means crafting your message or adjusting the focus of your product or services to be more relevant for the world as it is. Now is the time of distant learning, social distancing, and obviously the medical applications – think hard about where you fit in. 2. Reach out to your customers  You need to be in constant contact with your customers. Don’t just assume that because you’ve had a customer for the last two years that they’ll be there for the...

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In the News: Intel acquires Habana Labs, OurCrowd in New Zealand, & more

It’s been an active week for us as we begin the global expansion of our incubator business…..with our first international win, in New Zealand – hotbed of agtech/foodtech together with our partners Sprout, Finistere, Fonterra, and Gallagher…. In an exciting exit, Intel acquires Habana Labs for $2B. This news is obviously very positive for other companies in the AI accelerator chip business. Hailo, an OurCrowd portfolio company in which we are currently re-investing, is in this space with its edge devices which — according to Hailo — can now run deep learning applications at full scale more efficiently, effectively, and sustainably than traditional solutions, while significantly lowering costs. Great news from the SEC, proposing to make private investments (like OurCrowd) more accessible to the broader community. Kudos to Chairman Clayton and team….Read more on TechCrunch. Startup Nation and beyond Congrats to Arbe on its $32 million raise which OurCrowd was happy to take part in: Arbe raises $32 million to bring its high-resolution radar to autonomous vehicles.  Huge news: Israel’s Zebra Medical Vision has teamed up with Johnson &...

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In the News: All of our magic – summed up in one article

Simply one of the best and most intelligent articles written about OurCrowd in the last six years…How To Let Ordinary Investors Invest In Startups? OurCrowd Has The Answer. And for the fifth year, OurCrowd is proud to be listed in the Top 50 innovators on KPMG’s 2019 Fintech100 list. Did you miss OurCrowd Sync: São Paulo? Watch the 1-minute highlights; this was our first in a series of major global events to bring a taste of the flagship OurCrowd Global Investor Summit to a key region. Apply for your ticket to join us in Jerusalem on February 13th. (OurCrowd investors, partners, and portfolio companies are guaranteed an in-person ticket.) Startup Nation and beyond Congrats to OurCrowd portfolio company Ubimo, acquired by Quotient Technology Inc. Hailo was recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree – we are proud to have this company as part of our portfolio. While many flock to Israel for its renowned Mediterranean menu, it is less famous for its food technology. Yet the country — home to more than 350 agriculture and foodtech companies —...

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In the News: Watch – how Israeli tech stays on top despite politics

Turn up your volume – this week we are sharing videos exploring different themes in Startup Nation success. First, in the Economist, I join other major Israeli players to examine the Israeli ‘entrepreneurial ethos’ and reasons for Israel’s startup drive and scale. Second, in my live CNN interview, I discuss how Israeli tech remains impervious to political instability, plus a look at the tech IPO market and why some go nowhere while the likes of Beyond Meat are rewarded for real growth with sensible business models.  In other news, the “Fresh Start” Northern FoodTech incubator was officially launched by Finistere Ventures, OurCrowd, Tnuva and Tempo. We look forward to advancing tech along the entire chain of the food and beverage industry. Startup Nation and beyond In its third tech deal this year, McDonald’s Buys Israeli-Founded Startup Apprente Inc. to Add Automated Drive-Thru Ordering.  Assuta Ashdod hospital deploys MedAware’s patient safety platform – MedAware’s artificial intelligence-driven solution utilizes big data analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify and prevent medication errors, reducing the risk of adverse drug events, contraindications, and opioid...

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