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In the News: Kicking off 2020 with big wins, including new tender to operate medical cannabis incubator

We ended off 2019 with exciting news for OurCrowd and the Israeli ecosystem. Israeli tech raised over $350M in December, and raised a record $8.19B in 2019, easily surpassing the $6.4B raised in 2018, which was itself a record. In OurCrowd’s fifth incubator win, the consortium consisting of OurCrowd, Perrigo and BOL Pharma, won the Israeli government tender to operate CanNegev, a medical cannabis incubator that will be located in Yeruham, in the south of Israel. This will be the world’s first government-supported medical cannabis technology incubator.  As I told NoCamels, in this past decade, the Israeli tech ecosystem came into its own. What was interesting, full of potential and a promising phenomenon, became a powerhouse juggernaut that everybody in the world now has recognized. A decade ago, getting to $1 billion in equity crowdfunded assets was but a dream. I was humbled to be featured as one of 17 Israelis that shaped the decade. Startup Nation and beyond In-depth look at Alpha Tau – Alpha Tau’s Alpha DaRT is the first technology to provide a highly localized and effective...

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In the News: A year of impact…will we see you at CES?

Join me in feeling proud as we reflect on technology’s awesome impact in 2018! Social impact investing – can doing good coexist with ROI? P.S. Will we see you at CES? Check out our booth info below, plus watch the top news from our portfolio in 2018. Wishing us all a productive and impactful year ahead! Startup Nation and beyond 2018 was an impactful year for our portfolio…watch a quick recap below, and be sure to join us March 7th, 2019, in Jerusalem to experience these amazing technologies for yourself.  Watch this Wall Street Journal video about another market where Israel is emerging as a world power…electric scooter usage. Zebra Medical Vision will save human lives…Israeli healthcare AI start-up hunts for Zebras.  Which Israeli team is Snapchat counting on to lift it out of the doldrums? Top tech news this week  Cybersecurity…Israel’s cyber innovators sign off on year marked by big investments, warn of dangers ahead. Healthcare…Blood test company Sight Diagnostics raises $28M. Mobility…Congratulations to the team at Innoviz Technologies on their global expansion! See what other milestones Innoviz has met. News from the industry  Atlassian President Jay Simons shares: How Atlassian...

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In the News: The 2019 tech predictions are out

As 2018 comes to a close…what will shape tech and VC in 2019? The predictions are rolling in…Read 6 investment trends from CTech and check out predictions from PitchBook and Forbes. Wishing all who celebrate a very happy holiday season! Read on for more startup news. Startup Nation and beyond Why this new innovation hub in Israel decided to welcome startups and enterprises. Includes my view, as well as perspectives from our friends at Amazon Web Services, MobileODT, Netafim and more… Israeli spacecraft gets final element before 2019 moon launch – “Israel has launched satellites before, but this is the first longer-range Israeli spacecraft of its kind.” Africa and Israel: Exploring a joint Agriculture Innovation Center. Top tech news this week  ul> Mobility…Israeli startups leap into China, yet the road to success is unchartered. Enterprise Software…Appdome‘s New AI-Digital Developer™ Completes Mobile Integrations. Healthcare…INSIGHTEC Announces FDA Approval of Exablate Neuro for the Treatment of Tremor-Dominant Parkinson’s Disease. News from the industry  Choose Your Own Adventure: Which AI Business Model Is Right For You? (Battery Ventures)  An overview of crypto – Crypto, the Future of Trust. (Andreessen Horowitz)  “Should you have been...

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