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The Future Car: Driving the next generation of automobile technology

Henry Ford’s Model T is not famous for being the first car; in fact, there were several automobiles built in the decades before his. But the Model T is famous for being the car that ushered in a new era, not just of transportation – but of life. In other words, Ford’s model, because it could be mass produced at an affordable cost to consumers, disrupted the world. In 1908, the Model T ushered in a new era of transportation dominated by personal automobile ownership, giving people freedom of movement much greater than that provided by wagons, trains and the earlier, more expensive versions of cars. The development had far-reaching social and economic implications, including the emergence of the middle class and the development of suburbs. Now, more than a century after Ford began building the Model T, the car industry is again seeing great disruption, with the likes of driverless cars and the sharing economy setting the stage for another revolution with accompanying social and economic changes. Until recently, most changes and developments in the automobile industry revolved...

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Voices of the industry: Speakers announced for Global Investor Summit 2016

In just under two weeks, OurCrowd will host its 2016 Global Investor Summit, Israel’s largest gathering of top tech innovators, startups, angel investors, VCs, and other industry leaders in Jerusalem. The conference will open on January 25th with welcoming words by OurCrowd Founder and CEO Jon Medved, as well as special guests from around the world of innovation. Watch how Honda, Samsung, GE and others, along with global startups, are gearing up the technology that will bring you the future of mobile, the future car, the future of healthcare, the future… world. Throughout the day attendees will hear from a selection of tech leaders, entrepreneurs, VCs and more across panels, keynotes and more intimate meetings. The list of newly-announced speakers includes: Noaki “Nick” Sugimoto Senior Program Director, Honda Silicon Valley Lab Nick Sugimoto is the Senior Program Director of Honda Silicon Valley Lab (www.hondasvl.com), the open innovation lab of global Honda R&D based in Mountain View, California. Nick oversees Honda’s advanced information technology R&D in Silicon Valley, as well as, strategic partnership globally.  Previously, Nick led the corporate venture capital program at Honda...

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The planet’s most startup-friendly accelerator is coming to Jerusalem

Calling all players in the Israeli startup ecosystem! As part of the closing event at OurCrowd’s Global Investor Summit, MassChallenge Israel invites you to celebrate the launch of its Jerusalem branch. The event will include a special showcase of some of Israel’s most promising startups, and a presentation from MassChallenge and other special guests on the road ahead for the world’s largest startup accelerator as it builds its permanent presence in Jerusalem. Who: MassChallenge CEO John Harthorne, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, and MassChallenge Israel Managing Director Israel Ganot Where: The Hanger at The First Station, Jerusalem When: January 25th, @7PM Register here for the MassChallenge 2016 Launch Event We hope to see you...

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Glimpse the Future: Agenda of the 2016 Global Investor Summit

What does your future phone look like? Your future car? How will the technology powering your future home be funded? Watch a glimpse of the future – what we’ll be discussing at the 2016 Global Investor Summit:   Take a peek at the working agenda for Israel’s largest gathering of top tech innovators, startups, angel investors, VCs, and other industry leaders in Jerusalem. Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll do at the Summit: Discover which companies are developing your future phone, car, home, hospital, and more Get a case study in the power of the crowd and join the first-ever Crowdbuilding Hackathon Turn the tables with lessons from the Mossad about overcoming adversaries Judge Israel’s 2nd annual Startup Competition, a live, broadcasted pitch contest hosted by Bank Hapoalim, the Jerusalem Development Authority and OurCrowd Celebrate the Jerusalem launch of MassChallenge, the world’s largest accelerator …and that’s just part of Day 1. View the full agenda here. For further details about the event and to reserve your seat, apply at summit.ourcrowd.com. Please mark your calendars and join us for the Summit. We look forward...

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Call for applications: Your chance for capital and fame @ Israel’s annual startup competition

Are you an entrepreneur who lives, sleeps, and breathes your startup? Now is your chance for fame and glory with Starup2, Israel’s annual startup competition. The competition will be broadcast live from the 2016 Global Investor Summit on January 25th in Jerusalem. OurCrowd is hosting the competition together with Bank Hapoalim, the Jerusalem Development Authority and Keshet Broadcasting, and this year’s startup competition is geared towards entrepreneurs with ideas from various fields and sectors, such as hardware, software, cyber, advertising, medicine, energy, agriculture, and more. Does your startup fit the bill? The competition is only open to Israeli startups who have been unable to raise serious funds in the past (under one million dollars), without a set annual income, or with an income of less than $1.5 million in the last year. Any startup that meets the criteria will be vetted by OurCrowdFirst, OurCrowd’s seed fund, which will choose the most compelling from the applicants. Live at the Summit, finalists will pitch and compete for the chance at a $500,000 investment to be considered by OurCrowdFirst, plus the title “crowd favorite” and an award of NIS...

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