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Startup Roundup

SMS startup, Invi, gets $3M from Ashton Kutcher

Israel’s Invi is the latest technology startup to attract the interest of Hollywood actor-investor Ashton Kutcher. Invi, a mobile messaging app has raised $3M from Kutcher and other investors, is focused on making the SMS texting experience a bit more interactive and visually appealing. To read more about a company that may change the way you text with your friends, click here.

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OurCrowd’s Abe’s Market is featured in Forbes,


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Technology Corner

PrimeSense plans for a post-Microsoft future

PrimeSense, one of Israel’s leading gesture recognition technology companies, made history four years ago when teaming up with Microsoft to develope Kinect, the motion-sensing camera that made headlines around the world. But now, after Microsoft released its own in-house developed new version of Kinect, PrimeSense needs to learn to live on its own. To read how PrimeSense plans to move forward, click here.

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 Trending Israeli Entrepreneurs

Waze founder Uri Levine talks about the route to a $1B

Waze, the Israeli social GPS app, recently made one of the biggest exists in Israeli history. Co-founder Uri Levine spoke publicly for the first time since the purported $1.03 billion sale to Google, at the Israeli Entrepreneurship Conference at the Technion in Haifa. The startup man addressed the sale, but also spoke about the company’s early days and its journey to success. To read the full interview, click here.

The OurCrowd Guide To Israeli Startup Incubators And Accelerators

The Israeli high tech industry is swarming with startups, some with the potential to be the next Waze. But where and how are these startups originating? How do these companies go from being just an idea in an entrepreneurs mind to a multi-million dollar exit? OurCrowd’s David Citron gives you the complete guide to Israel’s incubators and accelerators here

‘Intel Israel’ sides with Samsung to compete with iPad

Intel HQ counted on the 100-strong Israeli team to come up with a system on a chip design that could be used in a lightweight tablet, and Intel Israel delivered. The result is a big win for Samsung, which last week released its ATIV tablet line, the world’s thinnest tablet powered by Windows 8, with the ability to run Android apps. To read the full article, click here.

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