Author: Sarah Lavin

Uber, NASA, and Virgin are leading the rise of the MaaS Market

We are all familiar with sitting in standstill traffic, with a now-room temperature coffee and your favorite podcast to take your mind off the knowledge that you, and thousands around you, have no choice but to wait. It’s not just you. The U.N. reports that 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and will grow to 68% by 2050 with another 2.5 billion people added to urban areas by 2050. With this influx comes the serious question of congestion. Luckily, major players like Uber and Virgin are betting on a new market to change the game– MaaS or Mobility as a Service. The MaaS market is defined as transportation services permitting a means of transport outside of personally-owned vehicles. As we well know, Uber built a ride-sharing service empire which is now worth $72B, which according to some forecasters single-handedly led to a decrease in car ownership among young adults. The tech unicorn’s recent purchase of Jump Bikes (an electric bike sharing platform and OurCrowd portfolio company) for a reported price of ~$200M, shows their commitment to...

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5 Examples of Real Estate Technology – and Why You Should Take This Seriously

At $228 trillion in global asset value,  real estate is one of the largest markets worldwide.1 Major players like Blackstone and ProLogis have assets under management in the hundreds of billions, while still only representing a fragment of the total market size. It’s no wonder that investors have traditionally seized opportunities in real estate as a stable, age-old method of ensuring yields.  And yet, much like other time-honored industries like agriculture, insurance, and banking,  the real estate industry is in desperate need of innovation. Commercial real estate is plagued by fractured ownership, with local reach, rather than best prices, serving as the defining factor in buying and selling. Brookfield Management, the largest asset management company in the world, still only holds $285B in AUM in 30 countries2, a drop in the bucket in the multi-hundred-trillion-dollar market. The industry still functions on a network of brokers and lenders that operate on personal connections, not industry data, meaning that willing lenders are not making deals in areas that are real estate rich but capital poor. Furthermore, the industry still operates on the assumption...

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OurCrowd CEO heads to Australia!

Recently, our CEO Jon Medved traveled to Australia, shedding light on the huge amount of activity and interest Australian investors and strategic partners have already shown in the Startup Nation. The trip included stops in Sydney and Melbourne, and the celebration of a new milestone-  $1Billion Australian dollars (AUD) under management, with a full 20% coming from the OurCrowd investor community down under! This achievement further highlights the close relationship between OurCrowd, the Startup Nation, and our friends in Australia and Asia. OurCrowd already has a significant presence in Australia, with Managing Partner Dan Bennett heading up the Australia and Asia office from Sydney. As Jon Medved put it in an interview on Sky News “What’s not to like’re a lucky country. You’ve got good people, good laws, good government on all sides of the spectrum, great business…” Watch the full interview with Sky News’ Ticky Fullerton: OurCrowd has also created strong partnerships in the region, with NAB Private becoming a strategic partner in 2017. Welcoming the Israeli contingent, NAB hosted a private lunch in Melbourne, as well...

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The Evolution of the Funds Market

The Evolution of the Funds Market Venture capital funds have a long and storied history. They have seen legendary returns, like Andreesen Horowitz’s 28X from Instagram and have also seen historic failures (see Juicero). The world of venture funds has historically maintained an air of exclusivity, being led by just a handful of individual fund managers and accessed by a small number of institutional investors and industry insiders. Yet, according to Richard Norman, formerly of Davidson Kempner and H/2 Capital Partners, OurCrowd’s Managing Director of Funds, the funds market is evolving rapidly to include a broad range of opportunities for a wider range of investors. The Wealth of Opportunities across Sectors, Stage, and Geography Today, the world is seeing a remarkable boom in funds.  Venture has traditionally been a one town industry:  Silicon Valley. Yet the global tech scene is providing serious competition. With robust ecosystems from Tel Aviv (Silicon Wadi) to New York (Silicon Alley), Bangalore to Barcelona, fund managers are not only branching out beyond the U.S., they are making their investment thesis about peripheral geographies. Says...

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Save the Date #OCSummit19

Now taking applications for the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit March 7th, 2019… save the date! OurCrowd is now taking applications for the 2019 Global Investor Summit. The Summit has grown to become an iconic must-attend event for international and Israeli investors, startups, global corporations, and the wider tech ecosystem. Apply now Did you join us last year? Then you witnessed firsthand the interactive, front-row view to the formerly closed world of venture capital. Over the past four summits, attendees gained exclusive exposure to cutting-edge technologies, access to meetings with the entrepreneurs behind them, and perspectives of the corporate leaders deploying them. The Summit anchors a week of events and activities in Israel and beyond that provide an insider look at the innovation ecosystem, including tech events, workshops, VC forums, CEO interchanges, press tours, and legendary parties.  Get a taste of some of the most popular from 2018’s VIP tech tour, Pre-Summit Leader’s Forum, and ShukTech After Party. Apply now Were you at last year’s Summit? This past February, the 2018 Summit saw over 10,000 people registered from over...

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