Author: Liz Cohen

With Intel’s $15B Mobileye acquisition, Israel drives the global mobility sector forward

It’s no secret that Israel has been driving the mobility sector forward for years – and this week, Startup Nation has zoomed past another milestone: Intel announced yesterday its $15 billion acquisition of Jerusalem-based Mobileye, a leader in the autonomous driving industry, creating waves across the global mobility scene and making it Israel’s biggest acquisition of all time. But yesterday’s announcement did confirm two things the world may not have known: Israel is actually earning the title of world leader in autonomous driving. Big money is getting behind and moving the big business of autonomous driving. This event has major implications for the entire mobility industry as Intel not only backs but leads the race. More specifically, Israel’s active role as an innovation powerhouse in the mobility space is crystal clear. Intel plans to base its entire autonomous driving operation to Israel, with Mobileye’s CTO and co-founder, Prof. Amnon Shashua, leading the division. According to the Jerusalem Post, Intel felt “…keeping the operations in Israel, at Mobileye’s Jerusalem offices, was critical to Intel when cementing the deal… the larger corporation understands Israeli culture.” Honda, Ford, and other...

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From Ballistics to Blackouts: How One Company Uses Israel’s Military Technology to Help Power Utilities, Keep Lights On

Guest post by Phillip Fine, Jerusalem-based writer/editor.  There’s commercialization of military know-how and then there’s Israel’s commercialization of military know-how. Take mPrest Systems Inc., a software maker headquartered in Petah Tikva, a city of 231,000 roughly 11 kilometres east of Tel Aviv. That company is selling the software that Israel used in Iron Dome – its system for shooting down Hamas rockets — to electric power utilities to help them prevent blackouts. Specifically, by polling sensors, the software allows an electric utility to monitor its equipment. The utility can then better predict when a transformer might pop, thus allowing for repairs before the electricity goes off. One customer, the New York Power Authority, has already used the software to pinpoint transformers that it didn’t even know were problematic, says Natan Barak, mPrest’s CEO, who spoke to Media Line at the OurCrowd global investor summit in Jerusalem Feb. 16. mPrest hopes to sell the software to other electric utilities in the U.S., as well as to power companies in Asia. In fact, the company is customizing its product so utilities...

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#OCSummit17 Wrap Up: Photos, videos, highlights and more

It’s a #throwbackthursday to end all Throwback Thursdays: Whether you were with us in person or in spirit, there is so much to absorb from the 2017 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem last week. Take a trip down memory lane and/or catch what you missed. 2017 Global Investor Summit fun facts The Summit featured 79 speakers, 56 exhibitors, and 348 completed crowdbuilding challenges. Even the food was global as 2,400 Belgian waffles, 2,000 cups of Middle Eastern sahlab, and 2,000 bottles of boutique Israeli beer were consumed. Watch OurCrowd TV Grab a snack and catch the highlights from the day of the Summit. Catch what you missed It was impossible to absorb everything at the Summit – catch what you missed by watching the recorded sessions. Note: Sessions are still being uploaded over the next few days, please check back or follow us on Facebook for updates.  Browse the Facebook photo album Find yourself and tag your friends! What’s everyone saying? Join the conversation after browsing #OCSummit17 on Twitter. Or check out the press roundup from the last week around the Summit....

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