Author: Josh Liggett

A Brief Guide to Blockchain and Digital Assets  The Evolution of the Internet In order to understand the value proposition of blockchain, it’s important to understand how the internet has evolved from the perspective of the consumer. At first, the internet was a giant source of information. Aptly dubbed the “information superhighway,” instead of driving to a library, picking up a newspaper, or flying to a museum, people could just “go online” and read about it. With more information at their fingertips, more people got involved. Individuals started adding opinion pieces like blogs and social media to the mix, thereby expanding and adding more and more information to the network. The next iteration of the internet was applying “not having to go to a library” to not having to visit a store—leading to the birth of the e-commerce site. Instead of driving to the supermarket or clothing store, consumers could order items from the comfort of their own home (and later smartphone/IoT devices). Although transactions through e-commerce or financial platforms are done online, in terms or services bought, sold, or transferred are digital representations of something...

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Why and How to Build Your Investment Thesis

Why and How to Build Your Investment Thesis When starting out in venture capital, the diversity and breadth of opportunities can get a bit overwhelming.  To cut through the chaos, it’s important to arm yourself with an investment thesis. But how do you develop one? Our resident Investor Relations expert, Josh Liggett, has created the following checklist of six steps to getting started. An investment thesis applies to any form of investing, from the stock market to horse racing…as long as it involves putting your money behind a principled decision. These decisions are not just for beginners; experts in the field like Warren Buffet, and Peter Theil have spent years developing their own personal strategies. Buffet, for example, likes to hold stocks for a long time. Kevin O’Leary wants his money to bring back prisoners of war. And Theil thinks those two guys are wrong. One thing is certain – when wading into the venture capital market, without a well-thought-out strategy, an investor could end up with too much or too little money in specific sectors, stages, or asset...

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