Author: Ivan Petrov

[Tovala in Forbes] Chicago Start-Up Tovala Combats Coronavirus Dinner Fatigue With A QR Code. Here’s How.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Tovala was already experiencing rapid growth and on the cusp of opening a second production facility. Butler describes an immediate surge in sales, where, “Existing customers were increasing their order size, customers who may have paused immediately reactivated, and we saw an uptick in people coming to our website. We actually had to turn off ads because growth from customers was so strong.” Read...

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[DouxMatok in Confectionary News] DouxMatok: making sugar sweeter and smarter for a more healthy treat

The sugar industry is continuing to search for solutions to multiple growth challenges including the increased use of artificial sweeteners and a consumer focus on low or sugar-free products. One Israeli startup, DouxMatok, has an innovative solution to both of these problems that benefits consumers and the overall sugar, food, and beverage industries. We talk to Eran Baniel, its CEO and co-founder. Read more...

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[DreaMed in The Jerusalem Post] DreaMed Diabetes: Optimizing treatment

For the past few months, we have all been focused on anything and everything tied to the COVID-19 disease. We’ve been doing our best to protect ourselves and our loved ones while trying to hold onto any semblance of normalcy wherever possible for the sake of our own sanity. However, in placing COVID-19 in the limelight, other life-altering conditions – most of which are equally alarming –ended up being put on the back burner. Diabetes is one of the main diseases that lately hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves. Read...

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